What Is MagSafe ?

What Is MagSafe ?

At CHARGit, we know a thing or two about wireless charging and so we wanted to share a little knowledge with you and answer one of the biggest questions we get asked on a daily basis: "What is MagSafe?". Well, take a seat and let us guide you through.

MagSafe was introduced by Apple for their Mac charging cable, it allowed the end of the cable to stick to the magnet in the Mac instead of having to plug it in. They then introduced the same technology into the iPhone 12 and MagSafe has been present on all models ever since. MagSafe doubles the throughput from 7.5 watts to 15w which brought the iPhone in-line with most fast-charging Android devices.

Instead of a solid magnet like the Mac, Apple added a ring of magnets around a Qi wireless charging coil, this allows the iPhone to snap on to a compatible accessory like a MagSafe wireless charger in an exact fit, so no longer having to guess where the sweet alignment spot is and more importantly a guaranteed faster charge.

Putting it simply; MagSafe is the same as Qi but with a ring of magnets that create a magnetic suction between your device and your charger. For example; if you were using an in-car charger that your phone is connected to, MagSafe would keep your phone connected to that charger through its magnetic ring so that it doesn't fall off whilst driving.

It's important to note that if your phone does have MagSafe, you will need to buy a MagSafe case or remove your case when using compatible charges and accessories or the magnetic suction will be compromised. Using an ordinary case will block some of the the magnetic connection between your phone and your charger.

Whilst the iPhones 12, 13 & 14 are still compatible with original Qi wireless chargers, MagSafe offers up to 15 watts of power and therefore faster charging speeds. The system is intelligent and will adapt the rate of charge depending on the battery level to optimise the charging conditions.

Your MagSafe phone is only compatible with other MagSafe accessories, so you won’t find strange bits of metal attaching themselves or interfering with your device.

As the ring of magnets is built into the chassis of the phone you will need to use a MagSafe case which also contains the ring of magnets to securely attach to a MagSafe charger. You will also benefit from using a 20W QC3/PD plug to deliver enough power for 15w.

MagSafe is a game-changer when it comes to convenience, having a perfect alignment every time assures a guaranteed charge. You can attach a battery and walk around whilst your phone is charging, or connect it to a charging dock & suspend and rotate to any angle that suits you. In the car simply drop onto the charging mount and it will instantly start charging as well as securely holding the phone in place, when you arrive simply grab the phone and go.

MagSafe now paves the way for all future iPhones to have no ports at all, allowing for better waterproofing and more room inside for bigger batteries

Qi MagSafe wireless charging functionality is available on the entire range of iPhone 12, 13 & 14 & now included on the latest AirPod cases.


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