Social Distancing V Social Networking

Social Distancing V Social Networking

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It’s no surprise that the time spent using our devices over the last 18 months has risen, but how will this have an impact on our future? People who were social media novices this time last year are now excessing 50k followers, after spending their time in lockdown becoming the world's best Tik-Tok stars. A rising number of people wanting to make an extra income based on their social media followers means that more people are incorporating their social channels into their careers and constantly interacting with their followers hourly.

The rise of time spent using devices is no longer due to an excuse to communicate with the outside world during a lockdown. For many, it has become an essential part of our lives, whether it is due to spreading awareness, educating, or managing advertising and promotions on our channels. As our return to normality starts and our adventures begin, the need for having our devices fully charged and ready to go is as important as ever.

We all want to know how we keep on top of the pandemic with constant newsfeeds, updates, alerts delivered in nanoseconds to our phones, we have all become responsible for keeping ourselves and others safe. We all long to have our freedom back and go anywhere without restrictions and even look back at this time with both good and bad memories.

CHARGit’s fast multi wireless charging pads for your Apple iPhone, watch & AirPods or Samsung Galaxy phones, watches & Buds, in fact any compatible device just makes it easier. Using one charging pad to charge all your devices at the same time safely and conveniently, making sure they are fully powered and ready to go on our adventures with us.