Wireless Charging Has Come So Far - And Its Just The Beginning

Wireless charging can already do so much for us. But where did it come from, what are its benefits, and where is it going? Wireless charging is becoming more and more ubiquitous, now found in many people's homes as well as public places. The technology has come a long way in...

Why Wireless Charging Is Essential In Your Venue

Why should you install wireless charging in your venue? Find out why it's a must-have to enhance the customer experience. Creating an unforgettable customer experience creates loyal customers and boosts the reputation of your venue. But what exactly constitutes a customer experience that's not just good, but goes above and...

Lost in the Metaverse & The Technology Behind It

We hear about it more every day. A new buzzword in how we're going to absorb content and interact with one another. Even using it as a way of escapism and a place to be anything. This is, of course, known as the Metaverse. Yet what is it exactly? And...

3G, 4G & 5G - What's The Difference?

Understanding the different generations of Mobile Telephony.

The Victorian Era & Their Tech

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The Queen & Her Tech

As the longest-reigning UK monarch, The Queen has experienced more technological advancements than any other ruler and we wanted to explore this further by taking a dive into exactly what changes our Queen has embraced over the years.

What Is Web 3?

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