The Magic of Wireless Charging

The Magic of Wireless Charging

Who would have known that the transfer of wireless power isn’t new? In fact, it has been around for over 100 years. I hear you screaming “Whatttt!” into your screen so we’ll delve into it a little for you. 

Michael Faraday first demonstrated that magnetic induction could happen when you have two coils of wire placed closely together, creating an oscillating electrical current. Unfortunately, in 1831 it wasn’t really a practical solution as it would have needed enormous magnets to operate. 

Along came Nikola Tesla (a name you may be familiar with), a Serbian – American inventor and engineer who was fascinated by harnessing power wirelessly.  He came to invent the Tesla coil the modern standard for wireless charging.  Today his name is synonymous with electric cars thanks to Elon Musk adopting his name for his revolutionary car company. 

Imagine Mr Tesla seeing a car in his name driving along powered by wireless charging. Tesla laid down the gauntlet for wireless charging and it being adopted into our everyday gadgets. Thank you, Mr Tesla! It’s enough to shed a little tear! 

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Whilst we’re on the topic of everyday gadgets..... did you know, our humble electric toothbrush has been using wireless technology for decades? 

How Wireless Charging Works 

The basic principle of wireless charging is relatively simple, it's all about transferring energy between 2 circuits. Essentially, a copper coil creates an oscillating magnetic field like we have in all our CHARGit hubs. A second coil embedded into a device such as an Apple iPhone 11 (or if you’re super tech savvy the new iPhone 12) is placed onto this magnetic field where it converts the floating field back into energy and recharges the battery, without the need to plug in a cable, simple really, why have we been bothering with wires all this time – mind blown!

The magic of wireless charging is fast becoming part of our everyday lives. The convenience of just placing your phone, headphones & watch on one CHARGit hub and not having to find multiple cables and plug sockets just makes it so easy. Whether using CHARGit in a public space or one of our consumer products at home or work, we’ve covered all your wireless charging bases! 

Wireless charging just makes things simple. Have you ever asked “where is my charging cable” to receive a blank stare or glare at an empty plug?! We’ve also all been culprits of stealing someone else’s cable when we can’t find our own, as much as we hate to admit it. Having a wireless CHARGit hub in your home means you no longer have the hassle of looking behind bedside cabinets and desks for that lost lead!  

We now use wireless charging to charge our phones, headphones, smartwatches and of course even still our toothbrushes. Its popularity has exploded as more and more manufacturers have adopted it into their products. Wireless charging is faster than cable charging when used with the latest QC2/QC3/PD adaptors. To find out more about all things QC, check out our blog here. Apple now offers it in a host of products from their AirPods, Apple Watch and all iPhones since the iPhone 8. 

However, it’s not only Apple, wireless charging has been adopted by some of the world’s biggest electronics manufacturers, such as Samsung, Huawei, Nokia, and LG. Dell has already introduced the world's first laptop that could be powered wirelessly, with more and more devices constantly being added, like the recent addition of Bose NC 700 and Marshall’s Major IV. We have seen BMW using wireless charging for their concept cars and even drones having wireless charging docking stations. By 2040 we will see electric cars as the norm, with wireless charging playing an essential role in providing a simple clean recharge solution. So, if this hasn’t hyped you up to get yourself into the wireless charging then we’ve been doing something wrong! 

To find out more about our wireless charging, click here: or get your CHARGit products for phone, Apple Watch and Air pods, here.

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