The Benefits of Wireless Charging

The Benefits of Wireless Charging

What is Wireless Charging? 

Wireless charging provides a smart way to charge your devices without the need to plug a cable directly into them. You simply place your compatible device onto a wireless charging pad and hey presto it starts charging. 

If you want a techier explanation about the wonders of wireless charging, we have gone into a lot of detail in some of our earlier blogs which you can find here. 

Of course, we are a company that specialises in wireless charging products, so we think they are the best thing since sliced bread. Even from a purely unbiased point of view, the benefits of wireless charging outweigh any negatives, however we’re going to evaluate both, so you’ve got all the

How wireless charging can makes things easier

  • Wireless charging is super handy for people that are always losing their cables and chargers. One minute your cable is in your kitchen and then then it's not and no one knows where it is...  With a wireless charger it stays in one place and you know it’s not going to go walkies.  Have one in your kitchen and one on your desk and you’re all set.  
  • How many times have you had to buy a new charging cable because it has got damaged? Well with wireless charging, you end that gradual wear and tear and the frustration of having to wiggle the cable to make the connection! 
  • It’s incredibly convenient when you’re driving. It’s totally handsfree and safe. There is nothing worse than when you’re using your device for sat nav in the car and it dies. You have to faff around trying to plug in your cable make sure its the right way round, all whilst still driving! With CHARGit’s wireless car chargers, you can just place the phone into the cradle and the magic of charging just happens.
  • Another great advantage is you can charge multiple devices at the same time. Gone are the days you have to tackle multiple cables and make the decision which one gets charging priority at bedtime. It can also be used with both Apple and Android, so you don’t need to worry about finding the right cable or plug. If you have one of our multiple charging pads you could have mum’s (Apple) phone and dad’s (Android) phone both charging whilst you embrace some much-needed family time, beats constantly plugging the right cable into the USB plug.
  • Most wireless charging pads are smart meaning they can detect when your smartphone’s battery is fully charged and automatically stop charging it. Our smart chargers shut off when your battery is full, saving energy and preventing overheating in the process.  
  • Have you wanted to charge your phone and used your headphones at the same time, but with one port you can't, unless you have fully charged EarPods. With wireless charging this is no longer a problem put your phone onto a charging pad and plug in your headphones, no choice to make.  
  • One possible drawback about wireless charging is compatibility and will your device charge? The good news is most manufacturers including Apple and Android have seen the advantages of wireless charging have adopted the tech into their devices. Please check compatibility on our blog with a full list of compatible devices here.

So, now that we have enlightened you with all the amazing benefits that come with wireless charging, we hope you can see the power they bring to your life! Pun intended. Wireless chargers come in all shapes and sizes whether you want something to charge your phone, Apple Watch and EarPods all at the same time, or just a sleek and subtle bedside table pad, we have you charged! To shop our full range, click here!