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Why Wireless Charging Is Essential In Your Venue

Why should you install wireless charging in your venue? Find out why it's a must-have to enhance the customer experience.

Creating an unforgettable customer experience creates loyal customers and boosts the reputation of your venue. But what exactly constitutes a customer experience that's not just good, but goes above and beyond to please the guest? Customer expectations aren't always at the same level for every business, but they are ever-changing. One of the things that change customer expectations is the evolution of technology. As the way people use technology changes, so should the things you think about when creating the right experience for your clients.

There has been a lot of emphasis on providing WiFi for customers in various venues, from hotels to cafes and offices. However, there is another tech convenience you should be providing for your guests, which may be even more important and in demand. Wireless charging makes it easy for your guests and visitors to charge their devices at any moment. With 98% of the adult population in the UK owning a mobile phone with more and more smartphones and other mobile devices offering Qi wireless charging capabilities, now is the time to integrate wireless charging into your venues.

Enhance Your Venue with Wireless Charging

Venues such as hotels, cafes and offices are quickly catching onto the benefits of providing   wireless charging for their guests. Offering wireless charging is now becoming a must have   facility and an expectation “loved being able to charge my phone when I forgot my cable” is something we love to hear. Wireless Charging allows clients to stay longer in your venue creating revenue, helps your brand stand out and enhances the customer experience.

Wireless Charging in Convenient Places

Wireless charging is incredibly flexible and can be installed in different ways. Invisible Wireless Charging can be installed in furniture, creating convenient bedside charging or charging points in break out areas. Portable chargers such as our Battery Multi Docks  are another solution to meet your customers' needs. They could be lent to guests whilst staying in your venue to recharge at the bar or when sight-seeing for the day. 

Multi Wireless Chargers can allow several devices to be charged at once, whether installed in a private space such as a hotel bedroom, or somewhere more public such as at a café table or in a lobby.

With millions of devices having Qi wireless charging, offering locations with easy access to power in your venues where cables & plugs are no longer needed, provides the perfect solution.

Creating a Premium Feel

When you want your venue to deliver a premium feel for your customers, wireless charging is one of the best ways to achieve it. It's the little touches that can make a big difference to the customer experience and offering wireless charging is a benefit that can elevate their whole experience. Seamlessly integrating wireless charging into different spaces in your venue is an excellent way to show that you are keeping your customers' needs in mind and that you want to do all that you can to cater for them.

If you want to create the ultimate customer experience for your guests or visitors, wireless charging is a must-have. CHARGit can help you to explore your wireless charging options & install charging spots throughout your venue.

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