QC3 18 Watts USB Wall Plug
For Fast Multi Charging!

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This QC3 18 Watt USB wall plug will deliver the right amount of power to your multi charger, allowing you to take full advantage of Fast Charging Multiple Devices!

We all have USB wall plugs around our homes and offices but the problem is they are only 1 amp.  Today we need more than this as our devices can take more, using a QC3 USB plug with the supplied USB-C cable delivers the power that you need.

If you already have one that's great, but if you don't we suggest adding this to your order. It is fully compatible with all our Wireless Chargers.

  • Universal Compatibility, this QC 3.0 USB wall plug is also compatible with devices that don't need the extra juice, so will intelligently deliver the right amount of power to your devices.
  • FCP and BC 1.2 charging protocols, allowing  USB charging outputs the optimal power for the device you are charging.
  • Safe Charging: Built-in multiple protections, the USB Fast Charger provides a safer charging experience.

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