Fast Wireless Charging Stand
For Apple iPhone, Samsung & all other compatible devices




1 Year


Money Back


Wirelessly fast-charge your phone and use it at the same time, either on loudspeaker or for privacy with your headphones. 

Don't worry about leaning your phone against books to have a Facetime call with a friend, or a professional Zoom call.  This fast wireless charging stand is set at the right angle for that perfect call, keeping the phones battery powered all day. For extra flexibility it has 2 charging zones so you can use your phone either in portrait or landscape mode. Great for Facetime, following recipes in the kitchen or just watching YouTube.

Up to 10W of power, intelligently delivering the right amount to your smartphone. Ideal for your home, office or on your travels.

  • Compatible with any Qi wireless charging device
  • USB-C interface
  • Easy to use and fully portable
  • Soft indicator lights

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