Qi Fast Wireless Multi Charger for All Qi Devices & Apple iWatch


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Need to charge multiple devices at the same time? Fed up with a mess of cables and plugs? Do you have Apple and Android users, so someone is always unplugging the cables? This fast multi charger can charge multiple devices at the same time, Apple or Samsung, Google or Huawei whatever qi device you have. It even has an Apple iWatch charger built in for extra flexibility.

Modern and practical with up to 23W of power, intelligently delivering just the right amount to your devices, keeping them safe and protecting your batteries.

The Apple iWatch stand is designed to fold flat when not in use and can be fully extended to take advantage of nightstand mode.

Ideal for your home, office or on your travels.

  • Compatible with any Qi wireless charging device
  • Integrated Apple iWatch charger
  • Foreign object detection shut off
  • Easy to use and fully portable
  • Soft indicator lights
  • Built in brushless fan for efficient charging

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