Apple Magsafe PowerHub Pro Multi Charger with Removable 5K mAh Power Bank


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MagSafe PowerHub Pro, the most convenient MagSafe multi charger for the home, office or even out and about. Designed to meet all your charging needs, this versatile MagSafe Multi charger with removeable battery ensures that all your devices are always charged and ready to use wherever you are.

With its convenient and compact design, the PowerHub Pro is the perfect companion for your everyday life. It provides fast and efficient charging for your iPhone 12, 13, 14, AirPods & iWatch using 15W MagSafe technology. Simply place your phone on the dock, and the magnetic connection ensures a secure and stable charging experience every time.

Convenience At Home, Work & On The Go.

What sets the PowerHub apart is its unique portability feature, when you need power on the go, simply slide out the 5K mAh MagSafe battery from the dock & take it with you. This allows you to recharge your iPhone 12, 13 or 14 with ease, no matter where you find yourself. The battery also has a PD port allowing for a second device to charge. Whether you're traveling, commuting, or simply away from an outlet, the PowerHub Pro ensures that you always stay connected and powered up. When you return simply slide it back into the PowerHub to recharge and use as your Multi MagSafe Wireless Charger.

Providing 5000 mAh of power & MagSafe technology the battery seamlessly integrates into any environment, be it your home, office, or when travelling. Its compact size makes it easy to carry in your bag or pocket, so you can always have a reliable charging solution wherever you are.

But the PowerHub doesn't stop there. It also offers charging capabilities for your iWatch and AirPods, making it a comprehensive charging solution for all your Apple devices. Keep your accessories organized and within reach by placing them on the dock next to your phone.

Don't let low battery anxiety hold you back. Choose the PowerHub Pro, the ultimate MagSafe multi charger that combines convenience, versatility, and portability to keep your devices charged and ready whenever and wherever you need them. That’s real wireless charging!


  • Charges 3 Devices at once
  • Removable 5K mAh Magsafe Battery
  • Advanced technology with unique touch charge connection
  • Intelligent Smart Charging
  • Battery LED indicator (know how much charge you have)
  • Power at Home, Work or Travel

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    We recommend using a QC3 PD USB wall plug (sold separately) to fast charge the battery and use at the same time as charging.